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A New Family & Friend Tradition - The 76-Card Deck With An Ever-Growing Library of Game Modes

Social connection and family bonding are a couple core foundational values we have as a company here at Cambio Unlimited. We are attempting to make it easier for people to prioritize fun and face-to-face connection in a world where screen-to-screen and social isolation have become significantly more pre-dominant.

Our solution was to come up with a single product that could establish the possibility of a family or between-friends tradition without any further purchases necessary.

'The Deck' is made of up 76 playing cards, meant to be a fresh and new alternative to a classic 52-card deck, but with instructions to new creative playable game modes being uploade5d to our website on announced scheduled intervals.

Inventing new games is our passion, and something we believe we do quite well. Each game being created starts with a theme related to values we hold as a company (not taking from others to grow, patience, adaptability, protection of those less fortunate regardless of risks brought onto yourself). We then try to emulate the feelings and concepts into the gameplay, hopefully leaving each game not only as an enjoyable time with your loved ones, but also as a lesson.

With new playable games added on a schedule over time, we are hoping this gives an excuse of sorts to re-connect with social relationships we care about. If you already have the deck, each time a new game mode comes out, it's a brand new game to invite friends over or sit down with your family to see if this one becomes the new favorite!

We are a very new company, after spending a year and a half developing the product and creating the internal library of game modes, we just went live in July of 2022. Our ambitious hope is that by this time next year we will hear stories of reconnection and traditions formed. Friends separated by time, brought back together consistently with a single unique and creative gift. Family Game Nights with arguments on which game mode everyone wants to play.

This is our mission. Please let us know if it is working!

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