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Cambio poker

'The Deck' by Cambio Unlimited is a fresh new alternative to the Classic 52-Card Deck

The most basic variation of Cambio Poker is very similar to normal 5-card poker, but with 'Cambio Hands' instead of 'Straights' or 'Flushes'.

If you'd like to learn how 'The Origin Village' of the Deck used to play it however, make sure to click in that direction below.  Feel free to mix and match concepts and variations to make your own Cambio Poker House Rules - we would love to hear what you come up with in our Forum!

It won't take long to start seeing how 'The Deck' is set up and how to compares to the classic 52-card deck.

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Cambio Poker Variations


I have a Poker Set and just want to play 'normal' 5-Card-Poker!

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