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Cambio Unlimited Game Library

When purchasing a Cambio Unlimited Deck, you gain access to an ever-growing library of founder-invented game modes.   


Inventing new games is what we love doing and critical to what the Cambio Unlimited brand is all about, so make sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back for new game releases!


We now provide our game manuals as pdf-files for better readability! 

Our original idea for the 'scroll-style' instructions listed below was to save paper, but we fully understand it is not the normal way to present card game instructions!  Therefore we have also created this PDF file containing all available game instructions in a simplified format available for download.
Please consider carefully whether you really need to print out the instructions or whether it is not enough to read the details digitally!

Let's save paper resources together!



Cambio Game Title Image.jpg
Cambio Game Title Image.jpg

The game that started it all. Each of our founders discovered this game concept in 3 different places, by 3 different names, with 3 different set of rules. We took the best of everything and created a deck that made the game even better. It is the only game we have that is not a completely original concept, but the game concept that inspired the creation and concept of our entire company.



The RUne Market

Welcome to the marketplace! This is our first financial-themed game with an ancient version of Stocks, Bank Accounts, and mercilessly attacking your friends for their assets.  That's what The Rune Market is all about!  This is a great game for up to 5 people (up to 10 if you buy and mix two Cambio Unlimited decks).  It is a slower-paced game than Cambio, but super interactive. We are very proud of this game, and believe it will become a crowd favorite!



The Rune Market Title Image.jpg
Kodiak Title Image.jpg

Kodiak The Card Game

Kodiak is not only the initial inspiration for this game, but of our entire company. He is the member of our team that gave us belief and motivation to create something for the world and he is very tied in with all of our operations.  Our manager if you will.  Even the idea for Cambio Unlimited was born on the same night that Kodi had his first mega-viral video on TikTok (currently at 19.2M views).  Due to Kodi's success all three of us founders sat together and began coming up with a plan to build the company that is now here today.

With Kodiak the Card Game we tried to enter into the mindset of a kitty kitty. 'The Pounce' is a classic Kodi move in real life, and we hope you can experience the same feelings of joy that Kodiak does while pouncing, as well as the fear that his micey friends experience when scurrying away. 



Alaska The Card Game

When The Deck was scattered to the wind each card landed in a different place alone, having to find unique ways to make it on their own until they would finally reunite once again.

(Read The Origin Story Scroll for more context!).

Alaska the Card Game is a homage for the most unpredictable card of the deck. In the game you will never be able to control nature, but with patience and strategy the goal is to catch as many salmon as possible, regardless of the circumstances nature or tourists throw at you.



Alaska Game Title.jpg
Cambio Poker Website Image.jpg

Cambio Poker

Choose your favorite variation! 

To play as close to normal 5-Card Poker rules as possible, just grab your poker set and use the 'Cambio Hands' instead of 'flushes' and 'straights.' 


If you're feeling more adventurous, learn about the Origin of Ancient Cambio Poker, the resources they gathered, and the lessons taught within..

chaotic Events (Solo Game)

Chaotic Events is a solo game that imitates volatile day trading in the Stock Market as well as the relationship between Wealth-Building & Time.

Cambio Dice and Stones are necessary to play, but you may easily substitute these with standard dice and stones from your environment.

If you would like the Cambio Dice for free, join our Forum and send us evidence of a review you left us on Amazon or Trustpilot!

Chaotic Events.png
Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 2.04.18 PM.png

Hearts & Spades (Beta-Testing)

Hearts & Spades is now available for Beta-Testing!

This 3-6 Player Game is a Hybrid inspired by the 'Trick-Taking' Classic 52-Card Deck games of Hearts combined with Spades.

To gain access to the full instructions on a hidden link, comment in our open forum under 'Want to be a Beta-Tester?' and we will send it to you directly!

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