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The RUne Market

Welcome to the marketplace!

This is our first financial-themed game with an ancient version of Stocks, Bank Accounts, and mercilessly attacking your friends for their assets.

 This is a great game for up to 5 people (up to 10 if you buy and mix two Cambio Unlimited decks).  It is a slower-paced game than Cambio, but super interactive. We are very proud of this game, and believe it will become a crowd favorite!

2-5 Players

Just scroll down to learn how to play The Rune Market  by Cambio Unlimited.  We will be adding tutorial videos for The Rune Market  as well as all of our other games soon!

The Rune Market Tutorial

Background story
Point of the Game
Red & Blue Runes
Game Setup
Hand cards:
- Theft card
- Number card
Bandit & Boat
Purchasing Runes
Get rid of a Bandit
Turn Order
End of the Game
It's a Tie!
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