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'The Die' is the second product by Cambio Unlimited, the first complimentary product to 'The Deck'.  As the Game Mode Library for The Deck expands, there will be many games that include the use of die.  


Don't worry! We are not adopting a 'pay to play' model - you can still play these game modes without purchasing an additional product by just using a normal 6-sided die with our Dice Legend.


However, just like 'The Deck', these dice were hand-designed and crafted. We used laser engravement with the most sustainable materials we could find!  Add it to your Cambio collection today as we expand, bringing you more and more products as our company grows.

Cambio Unlimited Dice

  • These dice are lovingly designed and handcrafted (laser engraving) by us. With this purchase you get:
    - 1 x 6-sided dice (blue rune, red rune, blue king, red king, chaos rune, scribe rune)
    - 1x 6-sided dice (blue rune, red rune, blue king, red king, energy rune, scribe rune)

    Designed and handcrafted in Germany.

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