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Limited Edition Hand-Sewn carying cases from fabric remnants! By finding use of leftover resources, your playing cards can now be well-packed and protected while also being able to carry a small writing pad and pen, so that you have everything for the next game night or game session out in nature.


Take your choice from the extremely unique, limited, and single relase hand-made cases made from leftover resources looking for a second life!

Cambio Unlimited Handmade Playing Cards Case

  • This card case was sewn with a lot of heart and love on an old Singer sewing machine from great-grandma's time. To give you an impression of the size: 

    • dimensions (width x height x depth):  14 cm x 11 cm x 3,5 cm
    • fits an 76-card deck easily (max. until 120 cards)

    When purchasing this card case accessoires like the pencil, cards or paper is not included.

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