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The New Alternative to the Standard 52-Card Deck

A normal deck of cards isn't a game 'per-say'. It's gaming flexibility. It's easy to bring around with you in case a good opportunity arises to have fun with your friends, families, or even strangers. Everyone loves the person with a deck of cards on hand.

You may know how to play Black Jack and Hearts. Another may know how to play Rummy, Crazy 8s, and Go Fish.

Maybe you'll run into someone that knows how to play Cambio (or Cambio by another name) as we did.

Maybe you'll love this game so much that you invent a new Standard 76-Card Deck that has better ratios of probabilities and makes Cambio more fun to play.

Maybe afterwards you'll realize this new standard deck you've made has way more possibilities for the creation of new games than the old standard did.

Maybe you'll even build a game library made up of these possibilities and start a company that sells the new standard deck while adding more and more game modes to the company website on a scheduled interval.

Or, maybe you won't do any of that.

But we did.

Welcome to the fresh new alternative to the Standard 52-Card Deck.

Welcome to 'The Deck' by Cambio Unlimited.

(This is the legend for Kodiak The Card Game - the legend changes slightly with each game playable with a 52-card deck and not all of our game modes are possible to play with the old standard)

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